Jenny Price

About Jengems

Jenny Price has created her own unique niche in the diamond world with her ability to design beautiful and elegant custom pieces using the highest quality materials and diamonds available. She feels she knows the exact science behind why women are instinctually attracted to diamonds and wants “every girl to have one that she can be proud of” at a price she doesn’t have to feel bad about.

Though her background has been mostly business oriented, Jenny has always had an eye for fashion. In 2010 the Texas native, who is a jewelry fanatic, established Jengems to follow her dream of designing trend conscious and sophisticated diamond jewelry. Since then, her mission has been to fit the perfect diamond to every amazing story, not just to its setting.

Her ability to take customer requests and transform those considerations into a signature piece designed to astonish shows in all her work no matter the budget. She puts the same thought and effort into earrings that sell for under $100 as she does for pieces well over $100,000.

No matter how much her business grows, she intends to keep the foundation of Jengems the same, customize everything to order and making each piece just for you.